BETA Pony Club Team Showjumping

Kindly sponsored by the British Equestrian Trade Association, The Pony Club team show jumping competition consists of two rounds and a jump off. The teams have four members from each Pony Club with three of the scores to count towards the overall result. Today saw nail-biting competition that went down to the wire.

Going into the second round the Cotswold Pony Club were in the lead but unfortunately one of the horses went lame and they were forced to withdraw as they only had three members in the team to begin with. This left the Minchinhampton Pony Club in the lead and last to jump. In third place was the Beaufort Team and second the Clifton-on-Teme Pony Club. After having fences down in the second round the Beaufort Team dropped down the leader board leaving Minchinhampton, Clifton-on-Teme and the South Hereford Pony Club tying for first position and so into the jump off.

All four riders in each team jumped; first up the South Hereford who finished on 12 faults. Second Clifton-on-Teme finishing on 16 faults and finally the Minchinhampton Pony Club who also finished on 12 jumping faults. Unfortunately, with just one unlucky time fault Minchinhampton dropped to second place, meaning the South Hereford Team won on the day.

Final positions:
1st South Hereford (12 faults) – Jess Morris, Emma Davis, flora McFarlane and Paige Williams
2nd Minchinhampton (13 faults) – Abbey Reid, Daisy Mitford-Slade, Amelia Ford and Meg Matthews
3rd Clifton-on-Teme – (16 faults) Ellie Lewis, Verity Manning-Cox, Sophie Goodman and Lucy Harrison
4th Monmouthshire
5th Mendip Farmers
6th Beaufort