Pony Club Novice & Grassroots Team Show Jumping organised by the VWH Pony Club

The Pony Inter Branch Team Show jumping is organised by the VWH Pony Cub and is open to all Pony Clubs that have teams who would like to compete.  The competition is a great opportunity for Pony Club members wishing to one day compete in the Intermediate Team Show Jumping in the main arena to gain experience at this prestigious venue.


The competition was run in the Mars Equestrian Arena.  Each team consists of three or four members with 3 scores to count per team.  The first half of the course is not timed, where accuracy is key the second half they go full throttle against the clock!

80cm Class

1st           Avon Vale Hunt

Esme Wetton and Minnie

Meredith Martin and Foxy

Polly McHardy and Brandon Bulawayo

Zara Bucknall and Summertimes Breeze


2nd        VWH Hunt

Indigo Gordon and Ardleamilly

Harry Haines and Stormin Norman

Charlotte Ramage and Freddy

Elizabeth Haggard and Corbally Beauty                       


3rd         Wyre Forest

Isabella Cotton and Dooroy Prince

Raphaella Knight and Metatrons Cube

Poppy Young and Clarimos Queen

Hattie Jackson and Business Whisper


4th          VWH Hunt

Olivia Wade and Aiakos De La Scarpe

Harry Haines and Dykebeck Wild Lupin

Amelia Upton and Ash

Charlotte Ramage and Jack in the Box II


5th         Cotswold Hunt Reds

Lily Langsbury and Paige

Lucy Hinds and Lisacarra Star (Yogi)

Phoebe Pink and Tullaree Viking

Alice Fraser and Archaronia Tom (Heythrop Hunt)


6th          Mixed Grass Roots

Rebecca Howard and Carafe (Stroud)

Beatrice Ward and Blackie (Berkeley Hunt)

Perdita Ward and Cassius (Berkeley Hunt)



90cm Class

1st           Old Berks Hunt – Blue

               Harry Vigors and Moynoe Gypsy

Sophie Stiles and Supreme Whatts

Charlie Petitt and The Masters Rebel

Lucas Murphy and R Candy Girl


2nd          Old Berks Hunt – White

Harry Vigors – Astrounaut Voyage

Cecilia van Michael and Jester

Kayleigh O’Neil and Direct Region

Evie Greatrex and Sean Bhalie Larry


3rd          Beaufort Hunt

Kitty Crowe and Knights Ford High Life

Natasha Candy and Gingerbread Man

Summer Cooper Terry and Iceford Dolly

Emily Alban-Jones and May Dancer

4th          Berkeley Hunt South

Ferne Grittiths and Breeze

Hannah Barber and Roxy

Neve Massey and Diamond Girl

Charlotte Shepherd and Brackington Fiesta


5th          Berkeley Hunt

Ella Woolls and Davinzi Z

Emma Daykin and Spill the Caramel

Lily Clarke and Camills Muriel

Grace Clarke and UCS Sheffield


6th          Poole and District

Alfie Diaper and Go Fast D’Aran

Becca Pitman and HSH OceanoSo G

Holly Chandler and Vardags Silmarillia

Alfie Diaper and Mexical P




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